Florida Super Attorney John Leon Opens Up About His Strategies For Success.

Leadership is a difficult concept to define, a quality that can be spotted quickly but is virtually impossible to emulate – without a painstaking process of individual development – and one that can be distilled as the single most important factor behind the sustained effectiveness of any organization.

The number one principle is to avoid reactions. You want to act, not react. Too many mistakes occur when a company is being led by immediate reactions when things become turbulent. Read More

Miami´s Best Dressed Attorney John Leon Shares Insights on Successful Living.

As a rule, giving up isn’t in my DNA. I thrive on challenges so being driven comes naturally to me. You need that kind of mindset if you intend to deal with crisis management because it is exactly that – every crisis is a challenge that requires finesse and skill in navigating, negotiating, and steering to mutually beneficial ground.

As a prolific legal professional and corporate strategist, Leon attributes his impressive accomplishments to the rigorous observation of a set of self-imposed guiding principles.  Read More