Aside from its work assisting their clients with all types of complex healthcare & corporate litigation or transaction matters in the United States & abroad, the “Firm” is widely recognized for its Crisis Management work. The Firm navigates through the many complexities of a business crisis & the impact they have on a client’s personal & business reputation.Companies & professionals rely on the Firm’s expertise in the courtroom as well as the court of public opinion. John & his firm represent clients as trial counsel & during complex negotiations & have the media & public affairs experience that allows them to manage high-profile investigations & other matters that involve a company or an individual’s finances & public standing. Also, the Firm is often brought in to advise, coordinate & manage outside counsel efforts in on-going & complex litigation & negotiations.

Through his unique style as a proactive Crisis Manager, John and the Firm have created a niche in the Crisis Management industry for which they have coined the term Pre-Emptive Crisis Management.

The Firm addresses urgent & complex problems quickly & effectively through years of investigatory experience, as well as negotiation, media & courtroom expertise that has been highly rated. The Firm also has experience in rapid response working w/ media & public affairs experts, corporations including the insurance industry, as well as governmental bodies & agencies at the federal, state & local levels. John & his team are experts in planning, coordinating & executing time sensitive, effective defenses to any corporate or professional crisis, using legal, legislative & communications strategies developed over years of experience. Because of their ability to manage a crisis, they have a proven record of representing clients facing major legal issues, criminal & civil in nature & often in real time before the public eye. Among his concentrated work in the area of Crisis Management, John has successfully handled and provided crises resolution for clients involving several Fortune 100 companies over the years.