At the Law Offices of John Leon we are driven by a commitment to justice that extends beyond the courtroom. Our philanthropic endeavors are rooted in the belief that the pursuit of a fair and just society goes hand in hand with uplifting underserved populations. Through our philanthropic efforts, we strive to make a meaningful impact on the lives of those facing barriers to education as well as those populations who struggle with poverty.

Our Mission

The Law Offices of John Leon is dedicated to leveraging our resources and expertise to foster positive change in the communities we serve. Our philanthropic mission focuses on two core principles: education empowerment and poverty eradication. We believe that we can contribute to building a more equitable and inclusive society by addressing these fundamental challenges.


We recognize that education is a powerful catalyst for change and one of the most important factors in achieving societal and individual freedom. Our firm strives this through our strategic partnerships and targeted initiatives with deserving organizations. For example, through our partnership with U.S. based non-profit BuildOn, we have committed the full resources to build a primary school from the ground up in one of the under-developed countries of rural Africa. Along with the help of BuildOn, as well as the efforts of the local government and community of Senegal, we will provide underserved populations with access to a quality education. By supporting educational programs, scholarships and mentorship opportunities, The Law Offices of John Leon aspires to unlock the full potential of individuals who may otherwise face barriers to learning and personal growth.


Poverty is a complex issue that demands multifaceted solutions. The Law Offices of John Leon has since its inception, committed to actively participating in initiatives that alleviate poverty and create pathways to economic stability. Specifically, our partnerships with local South Florida communities and organizations including soup kitchens, religious groups, and homeless centers, have helped feed thousands of South Floridians throughout the year, including Thanksgiving holidays. Whether through supporting vocational training programs, microfinance initiatives or community development projects, we strive to empower individuals and communities to break the cycle of poverty.

Access to
Higher Education

Our Firm also believes that a core principle of education should be the lifelong, continuing education of adults as well. To this end, we value our growing partnership with Miami, Florida based St. Thomas University and its efforts to make higher education accessible to all, through our scholarship and governance commitments.
We invite you to join us in making a lasting impact through our philanthropy page. Together, we can build a future where every individual regardless of their background, has the opportunity to thrive. At The Law Offices of John Leon, our commitment continues to be that justice should extend far beyond the courtroom and we believe that by working together in places like the boardroom, we can create positive change that reverberates throughout society.